Environmental Protection

There is currently farming on the Federal Lands in Ward 3. The original amount of expropriated land was the size of Ajax. Farmland is critical for our food supply. 319 acres of farmland disappear every day in Ontario. Some Pickering politicians are saying the Pickering land is airport lands. This is simply not true.

There has never been a peer-reviewed study in the last 50 years to justify the many billions of dollars that would be wasted on an unnecessary airport. All the federal government studies (both Liberal and Conservative) reports conclude… There is NO NEED for an AIRPORT, not even in the near future. We need local farming for millions of people in the GTA area. The airport in Montreal (Mirabel) constructed 50 years ago under the same false reasoning, had its last passenger flight in 2004, and has had its terminal buildings tom down in 2014, because it would still not be needed 50 years later.

People eat food every day. They don’t need an unproven and costly airport every day.

Yes, building a Hospital would be great in Pickering, but there is no justification for locating it on extremely sensitive environmental lands, especially when there are still 800 acres in a much better location in the Seaton area, which will need a local hospital. The wrong location only benefits the Land Developers.

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