Community Groups

Land Over Landings – Have been actively involved for many years acting as stewards of the federal lands in north Pickering. They have successfully fought against demolition of heritage home, and successfully stopped the wrongful eviction of tenants.

Stop The Stink – is a grassroots group of thousands of concerned citizens opposed to the York-Durham Sewer System. They have constantly opposed York Region, and their plans to bring their sewage into Pickering.

Durham Environment Watch – Durham Environment Watch is non-profit and non-partisan, working to ensure that our region becomes a sustainable, healthy community. DEW is committed to making a positive difference in our urban and rural environment today and for future generations.

Clarington Watchdog – This website was started in response to a Regional Councillors that have been ignoring the residents of Durham. The main issue that is addressed, among others, is the incinerator. Spend time reading what has been happening at Durham Council.

Durham Election 2010 – This website is the product of a group of environmentally-concerned citizens. Those same people have been instrumental in the formation of DurhamCLEAR, a broadly-based umbrella group which will monitor and advocate on environmental issues right across Durham Region.

DurhamCLEAR is an umbrella group advocacy organization to focus on an evolving range of environmental and related issues in Durham Region. It is intended to bring the numbers and resources of a large organization to bear on issues across Durham.

Ontario Greenbelt Alliance – work to ensure that the integrity of Ontario’s Greenbelt is not undermined by inappropriate development, poorly planned infrastructure, quarries, or other uses, while also advocating for increased protection of natural areas within the Greenbelt.

Ontario Smart Growth Network – Help change the face of development in Ontario

Durham Tamil Association

Tamil Cultural and Academic Society of Durham

Durham West Arts Centre Inc. – The Durham West Arts Centre is a ‘hub’ organization working to establish links with artists, arts groups and arts lovers.

The Durham West Arts Centre Foundation – Mandate is to organize, plan, design, fund, contract for, and build a performing and visual arts centre in the western part of the Durham Region, for the benefit of the citizens and arts community in the Durham Region.

Environmental Defence

Ontario Greenbelt Alliance

Durham Deaf Services

Fair and Responsible Governance Alliance (FARGA) – is a non-profit, non-partisan organization.
The Alliance condemns the illegal, cruel and despicable practice of “finning”, whereby sharks are removed from the ocean, have their fins cut off and their bodies thrown back into the water, where they drown due to lack of mobility. We would like everyone to be aware that this barbaric act is not acceptable, nor tolerated by any civilized society and that the Alliance would like to remain firm on this position. The Alliance also believes any attempt to ban the sales, possession and consumption of the shark fins from legally harvested means is unfair, unjust and in fact discriminatory.

Road Watch – when you experience aggressive drivers, risk-takers or anyone breaking the law, you, the local citizen, can report the offense.

The Youth Centre The Youth Centre provides free services to youth, ages 13 – 29 in Ajax and Pickering. The Youth Centre is a non-profit charitable community health centre for youth and young adults living in Ajax and Pickering. We are funded by the Central East Local Health Integration Network, and provide a range of free and confidential medical, counselling, dietitian, young parent support and outreach services, as well as health and wellness programs. We are one of over 72 community health centers (CHC) across the Province, all of which have interdisciplinary teams of service providers including physicians, nurse practitioners, social workers/therapists, health promoters and community workers.

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