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Did you know that only 30% of residents vote?
Your Vote can make a huge difference, and is very important for protecting Pickering.

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    Peter Rodrigues is an outspoken activist who has participated at many resident-initiated events, believes in leading from the front, being actively engaged, and spending many hours working to improve his community.

    He proudly served as Regional Councillor for Ward 3 from 2010 to 2014. He met with politicians at all levels of government in and around Durham and he continues to meet regularly with members of his community and other residents throughout Pickering and other Durham municipalities.

    I have a solid record of representing the interests of residents, as a Community Advocate and serving the community’s needs. Unlike most councillors, I was available full-time to serve and assist residents with all matters and concerns, and this will be my primary focus again

    — Peter Rodrigues

    Peter believes Pickering needs a full-time councillor, one who has actually been responsible and involved in managing the complexities of the issues and concerns in Pickering.

    Peter Rodrigues understands that Pickering needs a more engaging Council, and the importance of having the voices of the residents represented strongly on Council. He has hosted dozens of meetings to engage residents and empower them through educational presentations that addressed questions and encouraged active community participation.

    “I have the vision and ideas for Pickering as a better place to live. I want to have far better and positive engagements with residents. I have the experience and the trust of residents, plus the capability and full-time commitment to improving the quality of life.”

    — Peter Rodrigues

    During his time in council, Peter worked with staff to make video recordings of all Council and Council Committee meetings, continually voted against raising property taxes, and moved several motions to further reduce the budget expenditures, so that you would have more money in your pocket for your family’s needs.

    Your property taxes should not keep increasing by more than your income, or more than the cost of living index.

    Peter has an extensive knowledge and understanding of fiscal responsibility. He has innovative approaches to problem solving and issue resolution, volunteers his time with his community, raises a few chickens, and enjoys farm fresh eggs.

    Peter will be Your Voice, but needs your vote to make our city a better place.

    Thank you for your support.



    You can make a huge difference and your voice is very important to the future of Pickering.

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